One-to-One Sessions

We are offering businesses in the Yorkshire and Humber area the opportunity to have a one-to-one meeting for an hour with our trainer Norma Foster.   


Stepping back from your busy day for an hour to talk through your global marketing and lead generation can make a huge positive difference. High quality advice from an impartial, experienced business adviser to act as a sounding board and provide focused and objective support. 

Dan Kershaw Brewfitt Ltd


“The one to one session with Norma was invaluable. She took the time to understand our business and was able to draw upon her expertise and experience to provide advice, resources and knowledge on a variety of subjects relating to our future goals. I’ve come away with a list of objectives and a pathway planned on how I will achieve them.”

Steff McGrath, Something Wicked 


"The 1 to 1 session with Norma was extremely valuable. A fantastic opportunity to take a step back and focus on the business and hear an expert point of view. It was one hour, but we managed to cover so much in that time. Even before the meeting, she sent me a detailed report on our website so we had a starting point for discussions. Norma has so much knowledge and experience, and this really shone through. I am now planning the next steps for our website in terms of growing the international sales. I would highly recommend the 1 to 1 session to anyone who has a website - there is no reason not to sign up."


Norma will reach out to you in advance of the session to provide you with your website report and check what you would like to focus on in the session. 


What you get: 

  • a detailed report of your website’s effectiveness and recommended actions 

  • a tailored session to focus on areas that need your attention: 

    • Internationalising your Website for more traffic and sales

    • A LinkedIn profile review and lead generation tactics

    • Mapping out your international digital strategy

    • Creating international content for global clients

    • Introducing languages into the mix to increase customer engagement

  • impartial and independent feedback and experienced advice 

  • a follow up report with written recommendations, actions and potential areas of further support 


The Experts

Norma Foster Export Communications, Coac

Norma Foster

International Business Development and Communications Specialist

Norma inspires and works with business owners and sales professionals to generate substantial results in overseas markets.

Norma coaches and trains business owners and senior executives to build trusted, long-term professional relationships with clients and partners overseas and perform at their best with confidence and ease – sharing with them tried and tested strategies and tactics to make them easy to find, easy to contact and easy to do business with across international markets. Norma also speaks at Conferences, Conventions and Events.

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These webinars we will make it easier for businesses by helping them to grow their sales, reputation and customers in export markets. We want to take the hard work out for business leaders by showing them the strategies and tools that will empower them to take action today to increase the success of their business in the months and years ahead.